Sep 12, 2011


so, it is time to reveal what I have been working on to justify my upkeep with N950.

it is called qGolfTracker and it tracks coordinates and other data into local db so you can track your game (I hope it works also with frisbeegolf!) better than with any solution I've come up with.

The app is really simple... well, the elements are really simple and easy but making everything to work together is a huge pain in the a.

The first version is buggy, any feedback is appreciated.

Couple issues: you must edit clubs (from the small toolbar menu) before you start tracking. will add notification and pop up the club editing qml page at some point but not just yet.

can you install the app from the git? if not, I'll put it somewhere you can install it from.

I probably have forgotten million things, but will fill gaps later (must go to walk with the dogs and to sleep asap)

yeah the icon is really crappy but because of forever ongoing renovation I have sacrificed my wacom and external screen because of the lack of space.

just one more thing: url to

Source MeeGo

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