Qt SDK Keeps Getting Better With The 1.1.3 Release

Sep 7, 2011


A new release of Qt SDK is now available for download, delivering the latest versions of Qt Creator and Qt Simulator, along with an update to the Notifications API.

You will notice the most significant changes in the new version of Qt Simulator, version 1.2. The headline changes are in UI and sensor simulation. In the UI you are now able to simulate gestures, such as pan and pinch. This will enable you to test the UI of your application more fully, without having to move the code to a phone. The second main update is the addition of light sensor simulation, which can also be used to complete more of your initial testing in the simulator. And, if you are experimenting with NFC there is one more significant change that may be of interest: You can now use Qt Simulator to define tag content and simulate tags entering and leaving the proximity of a phone.

There is also a new version of Qt Creator, version 2.3, which delivers numerous small improvements. The focus of this release on improving your development experience, with new features such as enhanced C++ coding style options and threaded code completion, are all designed to make your code cutting even more productive.

The other main change to highlight is the Notifications API 1.1. This API now includes a QML binding, so that you can receive and process notifications in application logic included in your QML code.

In addition, if you want to target your application to the desktop, this release includes Qt 4.7.4 for desktop applications, too.

If you already have Qt SDK installed then you can update to the latest version by running Update Qt SDK from the Qt SDK application folder on your computer. If you want to get started with Qt SDK, you can download 1.1.3 from here.


Source Nokia Developer

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