RC Flyers Toolkit Box

Sep 1, 2011


Oliver introduces RC Flyers Toolkit Box:

The Maemo version is available as well as a Harmattan build. Currently I forgot to make the Harmattan version as mobile friendly as the Maemo one so this will be fixed in the final version. Note: I have no device to test out the Harmattan build so here I am depending your feedback.

Further builds (will) include desktop version for Linux and Windows as well as MacOS and Android (planned). The database is interchangeable so it will not be a problem to take the data from one platform to the other (eg. recording data on-field and copy the database to the desktop later for further processing).

Note that while the Windows version includes the necessary Qt and runtime libs the Linux and Harmattan/Maemo builds require Qt to be installed.

Read more at theĀ project blog.
Source Talk Maemo

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