Is Samsung the New MeeGo SuperPower to take over from Intel ?

Sep 5, 2011

There are lots of rumours going around about the existence or potentially the "Lack of" existence of MeeGo recently. Mainly the piece from DigiTimes was the culprit.

Well heres a rumour reported by about Samsung being ready to step in and fly with MeeGo. Could this be true ? Well, this is something that we have also heard a few times but nothing I can solidly quote but then if netbooksnews have also been hearing things then 2 + 2 = SOLID RUMOUR.

Can Samsung take onboard MeeGo ? They already have their Android / Bada and SLP Linux commitments. Certainly from a MeeGo perspective Samsung is possibly a dream come true, MeeGo running on Samsung hardware is enough to get anyone hot under the collar.

With the current rate of MeeGo rumours floating around I think the time for a big announcement isn't too far off and hopefully we should know something officially soon.


Errr. So it appears that a lot of people have assumed that Samsung are Buying MeeGo, just to for the sake of clarity MeeGo is an Open Source Operating System that is hosted by the Linux Foundation and has numerous companies contributing to the continued development of said Operating System. Samsung would be another important member company that could take over taking the lead in pushing the OS forward if Intel took a backward step from this position.


Here is a google translate of their news:

Meego, this unloved baby penguin that has emerged from the former partnership between Intel and Nokia (aka Moblin and Maemo), makes the final Graetsch, at least when seen from the perspective of "Chipzillas". Several sources have confirmed to us in recent days that Intel Meego, one of the most subsidized Linux derivatives, and therefore no other support is practically disposed of. This does not mean that the MeeGo community to worry about the continued existence of this operating system need to worry, because apparently Samsung will step into the breach and continues to lead the future development.

Source .Thanks to @niqt for the heads up.

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