Swipe Manager For MeeGo Harmattan Nokia N9 / N950 App

Adithya Kumar
Sep 8, 2011

MeeGo is one of the discontinued Linux based Operating System, which was primarily found on the Nokia N9 and N950. There were several developers who developed some great applications for the platform. 'SwipeManager' was one of them. MeeGo was intended to run on a variety of hardware platforms including handhelds, in-car devices, netbooks, and televisions.

The 'SwipeManager' application is an application that allows the users to control the swipe actions of the Nokia N9 and N950 devices. This application allows the user to customize their swipe actions. However, the initial version of SwipeManager that was available in the Nokia market had a bug, which used to render the application useless on some newer versions of the Harmattan platform. But the Version 0.0.2, which was released after a QA review, resolves these issues.


Even though Swipe UI on the N9 is elegant it is not up to the mark. The user cannot use swiping actions from within an app. Swiping left, right or up will always return to the screen before opening the app. This means you may need to swipe through additional 1-2 screens to get to where you want. Swipe Manager solves this problem, assigning swipe directions to switch to the designated screen.

IMPORTANT: If you are using the Nokia N950, then the SwipeManager will require the firmware to be at least 1.2011.25-4 to work correctly. This is because the application is said to crash if the firmware is older than that. This application has been maintained by Alexander Faeroy and is available for free here.

After Nokia backed out of its big partnership with Intel, The MeeGo project was cancelled. From its ashes, however, a new smartphone OS called Tizen has come up, which will be a new collaboration between Intel and Samsung. Tizen will also be open source, hosted by The Linux Foundation, and support HTML5-based applications as well as other Web standards.


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