Tizen in the KeyNote Speech at Intel Elements

Sep 28, 2011


Earlier this Month MeeGo was not even touched on at Intel IDF. Fast forward two weeks and last night we knew that MeeGo will now become Tizen which was announcement by the Linux Foundation and Limo Foundation.

Today Scott Apeland (Director of Intel’s Developer Network) was not shy with the word Tizen.

Tizen is an Open Sourced Project which is Standard spaced, Cross Architecture software project that is going to support a wide range of devices including Smartphones, Tablets , TV and IVI which will be hosted by the Linux Foundation. Intel and Samsung will be Co-Chairs of the TSG with an Open Governance structure. First version of Tizen expected to be released Q1 2012 with devices to follow mid 2012.

Tizen takes the best of MeeGo and the best of Limo and adds a few more ingredients. MeeGo has a strong developer community and Limo has a Broad service provider and carrier support which meets their business model needs. HTML5 and WAC 2.0 will provide a software framework that will work across multiple software platforms which is the direction that the industry is going in.
Intel is Excited about HTML5 !

Here is the actual video:


Intel is very excited about Tizen and if the change has to be for MeeGo to change to Tizen I would at least expect them to be excited and they ARE ! There is currently no SDK available for Tizen but it is hoped that this will become available soon. Mr. Apeland also confirmed that existing MeeGo applications would be able to run on Tizen. This does not guarantee that future apps will also enjoy this level of compatibility but Intel will assist developers in porting over their application to HTML5.

The attendees of the KeyNote were treated to some books on HTML5, DVD and subscription.


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