Unity User Interface for MeeGo - LinuxBird Concept

Efe Udin
Sep 21, 2011

GNOME desktop environment uses Unity as a graphical shell. However, Unity was initially developed by Canonical Ltd. for its Ubuntu operating system. The Ubuntu 10.10 notebook edition was the first to receive Unity. Actually, the limited space and screen size of notebooks needed to be optimized hence the reason for Unity development. Now we now have a vertical application switcher called the launcher, and a space-saving horizontal multipurpose top menu bar.Mockip-Unity-For-Meego-By-Linuxbird-MeeGoExperts-1

The idea of adding Unity on MeeGo came from the fact that MeeGo netbook interface is getting old and technological advancements is moving at a very fast pace hence MeeGo needed a restart. Looking at Ubuntu in collaboration with Unity, it is quite a delight to behold thus it is not out of place for MeeGo to also imbibe Unity (also considering that Unity 2D is made by Qt which is MeeGo-friendly).Mockip-Unity-For-Meego-By-Linuxbird-MeeGoExperts-2


It will definitely be very interesting to see some MeeGo derivates. We are talking about the possibility of distinct netbooks and/or tablets, becoming more similar to distro like Fedora, as the original Moblin Project in the past. In this case, adopting unity will absolutely be a great thing to do. Mockip-Unity-For-Meego-By-Linuxbird-MeeGoExperts-3



In this detailed concept of Linuxbird, the dockbar icons/shortcuts are not called apps but we refer to them as sub-menu divided by typology. These include the internet, multimedia, chat & IM, other applications (less used), places (pc folders).


This concept took a little leap above the bar by altering the Banshee interface. As of now, loads of users crave Winamp for an audio player. Thus the Banshee interface is made to be a little similar to Winamp to attract more acceptability. More images are shown below. Tell us what you think in the comment section below Mockip-Unity-For-Meego-By-Linuxbird-MeeGoExperts-5 Mockip-Unity-For-Meego-By-Linuxbird-MeeGoExperts-6
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