Video: Nokia N9 Ad Show Yourself Are you N9

Sep 28, 2011



Below is supposedly a retail advert for the Nokia N9. The focus is on the beautiful design and swiping.

I wish the video was accompanied with a voice that read out the keyword. “Slim, Bold, Sleek, Awesome, Different, Original, Vibrant”.

I really think more needs to be done to show off N9. You can’t really appreciate anything of the whole new swipe thing going on. Feature stuff like buttonless, deep black curved display, swipe anywhere, new class multitasking etc. I feel it’s just too generic and the message still isn’t strong enough. The music is also a touch annoying, every now and then an echoing sound, “yeah”….

On the upside, at least it’s not as crap as that abomination yesterday.  Plus a lot of the device and the UI itself is shown.



I hope we see some really blinding advertising campaigns from Nokia. It seems what ever they do with their money, they most always produce crappy adverts. Why


Source My Nokia Blog


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