Video Nokia N9 Review MeeGo OS for Dummies, no Problems Multitasking 36 Apps

Sep 21, 2011


Video-Nokia -N9-MeeGo-Harmattan-Review-MeeGoExperts


From the same channel that brought the first unboxing of the Nokia N9, check out their hands on review (in English).

We already updated the last post with their review video but this one is in English.

  • It’s interesting that they mention that this is an operating system for dummies, “meaning everything is simplified”. If you remember, Marko Ahtisaari boldy said that he knew Nokia had out-simplified the iPhone.
  •  They also tested out multitasking which had no problems handling 36 apps at the same time. No crashes, no nothing.
  • All in all – very happy about it. Very happy using it.
  •  So good and so well made – imagine it would last 2 days of constant use. Doesn’t seem to have any drawbacks in terms of hard usage.
  • Being a Nokia, it should do its main business, make and receive calls properly. Speaker is exquisite, sound very good. Receiver end also extremely good.
  • Phone they have enjoyed using all these days.
  • Latest pricing, 599/699EUR for 16/64GB.


Source My Nokia Blog

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