Setting Up your Nokia N9 MeeGo Harmattan Australia

Sep 26, 2011



This is an Article from MyNokiaBlog that goes through the Videos of Nokia Australia about the .... guess it ??? Yes, Nokia N9:

Fresh from  NokiaAustralia  is a how to on setting up your Nokia N9.

Apparently the soft cases are included with the N9 (not written on the standard sales package list).

Nokia Australia tells us that the softcases will appear in all N9 packages globally, but whether the case colour will match your N9 (as with Nokia Aus) might be different.

Setting up your new Nokia N9 takes a few simple steps. This quick demo gives you an introduction to your Nokia N9, accessories and how to get started. See how to easily adjust the date and time, set up your contacts via Bluetooth or PC and add the accounts you want.



Update: As Nokia Australia told us, we were a bit too quick to post this and they had not yet uploaded their other videos yet. They tweeted us that all four were now online.

Nokia N9 Demo Series Part 2: Familiarise yourself with the Nokia N9



Nokia N9 Demo Series Part 3: Tips and Tricks on the Nokia N9



Nokia N9 Demo Series Part 4: Services available on your Nokia N9

Maps looks great. Check out the multitouch rotation going on of 3D landmarks. Pretty good there.


Source My Nokia Blog

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