Using XMPP a little bit more with the Nokia N950

Efe Udin
Sep 10, 2011

XMPP means Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol. This is an open technology which enables one to communicate in real-time. The base format for exchanging information is Extensible Markup Language (XML). Generally, XMPP is a platform for sending small pieces of XML between two XMPP entities in real-time. To use XMPP more with your Nokia N950, see the codes below #N950Club can UsE #n950 !MeeGo #HarmattaN irc-chatter and #bitlbee to ChaT with #XmpP #JabbeR #GMail ContactS !

On your server :

apt-get install bitlbee

On your handset :

apt-get install irc-chatter-snapshot
irc-chatter # hostname port password
/say identity $password


  • replace “your ident: $password ” by “on connect: /say identify $password” (or /msg nickserv $password etc)
  • integrate telepathy-gabble in HarmattaN
  • support bip or znc to group bitlbee and other irc networks …

For more information, see the links below


Source RzR's Wiki

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