First Android / MeeGo / Symbian Qt Application Released to Stores

Oct 13, 2011

Nokia’s Qt platform is available for Android, MeeGo and Symbian. So far, quite a few apps were released for Symbian and MeeGo – but none was available which spanned all three mobile platforms.

This has now changed, with a free proof of concept app being released. The press release went as following:

I have just submitted an Android port of our app.

Also available for Nokia devices at

I don’t think I’ve seen any other real Necessistas-based apps in the market (i.e. not examples), so that may very well be the first proof of concept. Can it even be the first real app simultaneously available for Symbian, Meego/Harmattan and Android?

Please, somebody download it to a clean Android device (without any Ministro or whatever other Necessitas-based stuff). I’d like to get a confirmation that it indeed downloads Ministro fine and is able to install and work well.

Necessitas team, thanks a lot for making it possible! I am waiting for the Beta and Release for porting the paid stuff.

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