Would you like to own an app store?

Oct 2, 2011


This geek wrote about how App Stores have been disrupting software distribution and yesterday, Intel decided to step on the accelerator when General Manager of AppUp Products and Services Peter N. Biddle announced a new strategy during his keynote address at Intel's Elements 2011 Seattle conference to socialize the app store based on a hypothesis of content curation.


Sharing candidly that while AppUp did great with developers and retail partners in the past year, AppUp did not do well with consumers with only 350k registered consumers and 800,000 app downloads thus far.



The vision Biddle shared is essentially one where, in time, everyone can have their own curated app storefront on their blogs, Web sites or even Facebook by sharing with your friends your favorite apps or curate apps based on themes like best music apps, best medical apps, and so on.

This sounds like a good idea considering how difficult it is for a developer to get any attention for apps published on crowded app stores now. But this geek has some doubts on how many people will actually want to have their own app store. There will also be challenges since everyone can now be a curator, developers will have to spend more resources and effort pitching to more curators than before.
The thought of having my own app store is so cool that this geek just can't wait to have my own. Since app stores have been disrupting software distribution, it's about time to disrupt software retailing.

What about you? Are you looking forward to opening your own app store?

Source Cnet Asia


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