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Oct 31, 2011

This is a Preview of GApp for MeeGo Harmattan. GApp is an application that gives access to some of the enhanced features of the Google Apps.

I just made available a preview of GApp for Harmattan. There is still much room for improvement and some very annoying bugs to be fixed but it I find it already useful.

The browser on Harmattan is great but unfortunately does not give us access to some of the enhanced features of the Google Applications like the Android and iPhone platforms have. I have mainly tested Gmail but I have found that several other of the Google applications are crippled on the "standard" Harmattan browser.

For the N900/Symbian users GApp is an evolution of MobWebMail and Macuco. It is a complete rewrite in QML expanded to support more than just Gmail. It also offers geo-location and multi-finger zoom.



You can download it from

The Developer is looking for your feedback, So please checkout the thread at

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