Nokia Store now has Audiobook Reader for Nokia N9 / N950 (Harmattan)

Efe Udin
Oct 19, 2011

Nokia has been doing quite a lot for its smartphones in recent times and its users have nothing to regret presently. It has greatly expanded its store and more apps are been added to it. Currently, Audiobook reader is available for Nokia N9 and Nokia N950. You can now update the Audiobook reader app for N9 Harmattan platform. To do this, head to the Nokia store HERE.

Audiobook Reader-Available-Nokia-N9-N950-MeeGo-Harmattan-MeeGoExpertsAudiobook Reader-Available-Nokia-N9-N950-MeeGo-Harmattan-MeeGoExperts-1


An Audiobook is quite important, especially when dealing with large audio files/folders and it also helps for a seamless operation of audio files. However, there are some users that have not heard about Audiobook before now thus we will give a brief description of what you can do with the Audiobook Reader. The Audiobook Reader is a simple Audiobook player which allows you to store a single large audio file or folder. This is usually quite difficult without the app. It also permits the addition of a folder that contains numerous audio files. For instance, an album of your favorite music artiste can be added to it's own folder on the app so that you can easily access the songs when you need them.

Audiobook Reader-Available-Nokia-N9-N950-MeeGo-Harmattan-MeeGoExperts-2Audiobook Reader-Available-Nokia-N9-N950-MeeGo-Harmattan-MeeGoExperts-3


In addition, this app has the ability to automatically bookmark the last location and time of your music playback so that whenever you resume usage of the Audiobook, it starts with the "last memory". You can also add your own custom bookmark and playback from any aspect of the Audiobook.

Audiobook Reader-Available-Nokia-N9-N950-MeeGo-Harmattan-MeeGoExperts-4Audiobook Reader-Available-Nokia-N9-N950-MeeGo-Harmattan-MeeGoExperts-5


If you need a native look and feel, you have to reimplement UI layer. There is also a book cover image for this version which can be downloaded from AWS  for a more appreciable for of this book.
Audiobook Reader-Available-Nokia-N9-N950-MeeGo-Harmattan-MeeGoExperts-6

Nokia N900 also supports the custom bookmark and chapter selection. In all, the volume can be controlled using a physical button. All music or constant audio file users will definitely find this app interesting.


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