Chinese Language features Introduced in Nokia N950 PR1.1 Update

Oct 25, 2011

Amanda Lam has been busy evaluating and dissecting the new Chinese features that have been introduced with PR1.1 on the Nokia N950.


Below is a translation of her first Paragraph:

Last week, Nokia released the first ever Over-The-Air System update (version 2.2011.39-5, a.k.a. PR1.1) for the N950 Developer Device. This system update introduces various new features and fixes, including the long-anticipated Chinese user interface and input method support for the Chinese communities!

According to Nokia Singapore, the N9 will also get the PR1.1 system update by the end of this year. So let us preview what the PR1.1 has to offer to all N9 users in the very short future!


For the extensive news please pop over to her Blog.

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