Enabling a New Way to Play: Tangible NFC-Enabled Games From Nokia

Oct 18, 2011

Nokia Research Center's Luis Sarmenta, Principal Scientist, demonstrates how Near Field Communications (NFC) enables a whole new way to play. You can try the games now at Nokia Beta Labs:

Instead of just looking at a small screen and pressing buttons, Nokia's new class of "tangible" games let you have fun -- naturally -- in the real world with physical objects, just as you would when playing traditional family and party games. In addition, you can play these games alone or with friends anytime and anywhere using any NFC tags you already have. There is no need to wait for merchants to set up posters or tags, and you can use the same tags with any number of different games. This video will give you a glimpse into a whole new world of possibilities that are available with Nokia's new Symbian Belle smartphones and NFC.


Source Youtube


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