HTML5 feature compatibility for Intel AppUp Encapsulator Beta

Oct 13, 2011



Intel AppUp™ encapsulator beta is a great tool to get your HTML/JavaScript/CSS packaged into an application ready for Intel AppUp℠ center. Intel AppUp™ encapsulator beta for Windows 7 & MeeGo netbook currently supports many of HTML5 features and the list is growing every release. Check back here periodically for updates to our webkit support and feature compatibility

HTML5 Compatibility Score

As per Intel AppUp™ encapsulator beta gets a score of 236 out of 450 points


Here are the supported features by functional areas:

Basic HTML5 Support

Intel AppUp™ encapsulator beta essentially uses QtWebKit
[QtWebkit 2.0 with Qt 4.7.3]
as its underlying browser engine
The newly added HTML5 Elements like

  • section
  • nav
  • article
  • aside
  • hgroup
  • header
  • footer
  • rp
  • wbr
  • summary
  • menu

are supported

HTML5 Forms

Many of the latest HTML5 form elements are supported by Intel AppUp™ encapsulator beta, of these

  • input type=search
  • input type=tel
  • input type=url
  • input type=email
  • input type=range
  • input type=checkbox

are some of the supported ones. Form field level validation allows both pattern attribute and required attribute checking. Most of the User interaction elements like

  • Drag and drop
  • Events related to Drag and drop
  • HTML5 editing APIs

are supported.

Web Applications

Online Web applications or URL based applications that run inside the iframe of Intel AppUp™ encapsulator can utilize

  • Application cache
  • Custom scheme handlers
  • Custom content handlers

Sandboxed iframe works fine with Intel AppUp™ encapsulator where as seamless iframes are not yet supported here.

Storage, File APIs

Most of the storage API is supported. Session storage, Local storage(key:value as well as Full DB) are supported. IndexedDB is not supported. File API is not yet supported, but flash based, form based file uploaders are supported

Communication and Web Workers

Both of these are very well supported by Intel AppUp™ encapsulator. Cross-document messaging, Server-sent events, WebSockets, Web Workers, Shared Workers are well supported.

Audio and Video

Not supported yet. But as Intel AppUp™ encapsulator allows plugins like flash, silver light. Applications using these technologies can take advantage of this platform.

Canvas and WebGL

Canvas element is fully supported by Intel AppUp™ encapsulator. 2D contest, text have good support. WebGL is not yet supported.

Unsupported elements/APIs

Here are some of the HTML5 features that are not yet supported by Intel AppUp™ encapsulator

  • Files - FileReader API, FileSystem API
  • WebGL
  • GeoLocation
  • Local Media - Access to webcam etc
  • web notification
  • Microdata - Machine readable data


To sum up, many of the important HTML5 features are supported by Intel AppUp™ encapsulator. In the coming releases many of these unsupported items will be addressed.

If you find inconsistencies, or need support & assistance on finding workarounds, please logon and add your question or comments to the AppUp encapsulator-beta forum
Source Intel AppUp developer program

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