Linux Based Meltemi to be New Nokia OS Replacing S40

Oct 3, 2011


So, I was in Seattle for Intel Elements when I heard the news that Meltemi was replacing S40 as the OS of choice for Feature Phones. Was that news I said ? After all I predicted something like this at the end of APRIL. Ok, I did think it was a bit closer to MeeGo than it is but I knew it wasn't Windows Phone.

So the idea is that this OS will fullfil Nokias Low-End phone needs. Now I'm not sure why MeeGo could not have also done the same function for Nokia as it is possible to "Slim down" MeeGo a fair bit and the fast nature of Linux goes unchallenged anyway. What would have happened if Nokia had gone full ahead with MeeGo Development opposed to continuing Maemo 6 (MeeGo Harmattan) Development in the background ??? Yes, No one knows.



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