MeeGo 1.3 Community Edition Fall Release Out

Oct 1, 2011

Once again we have a major milestone release available for your Nokia N900, see This release is dedicated to our valued community member Gary Birkett, who sadly passed away few weeks ago. We miss you, lcuk. See the memorial thread:

This time around we focused on making a MeeGo 1.3 based release, which brings in lots of goodies such as Qt 4.8 and Qt Quick Components. As you'll notice, we have made a significant step forward in the overall performance on the N900. This release is also mostly compatible with MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan that runs the Nokia N9 and N950 developer device. Hence you should be able to run same Qt apps on both platforms easily. As you can see from the image name it's labeled as 'testing', hence you can expect some loss of functionality when compared to MeeGo 1.2 based builds. For those 1.2 builds, I recommend this one:

One of our targets was also to have full support for N950 (and N9) device. The work has been completed and we are really satisfied with the results. We are doing everything we can to bring you an effortless way to flash your N950/N9 device, but there is still certain internal alignment that needs to happen first before sharing that. Sorry about this delay.

Oh, and one more thing.. as a special bonus we have a x86 image as well, you can try that on your Atom-based PC or tablet (

Happy hacking!
Jukka In addition to that mail, as stated in another thread, we also have a new steering group in place. This is modelled on lcuk's proposal from

Steering group is: Carsten Munk (Stskeeps), Jukka Eklund (jukkaeklund), Tom Swindell (alterego), Marko Saukko (Sage) and Vesa-Matti Hartikainen (veskuh)

Their first meeting will be this Tuesday at 11:00 UTC, public and on IRC in #meego-meeting on - I'm sure there's a lot of questions what now, with this Tizen news and all.


Source Maemo.Org


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