MetaWatch and Nokia N950 Coupled Video

Oct 2, 2011


MetaWatch and N950 have been paired. At the moment you get information like clock (!), weather and notifications for Email, missed call, and txt message. Story continues after video.


What I’m planning to do (for the digital one) is:
- The main idle screen will be similar to the one you get with the stock application for Android — it will show the time, the weather (ideally the same weather that is shown on the home screen), and three “unread notification counts” for mails, missed calls, and messages. This I got to work in beta1, but has been broken in beta2.
- When notification/calls comes in, watch displays it in fullscreen for ~10 seconds then goes back to idle. Not done yet but easy to do.
- The topright button will cycle between what I call “watchlets”. Those are small plugins that render to the watch using either plain C++/QPainter or QML. When a “watchlet” is active, it will be able to do whatever it wants with the watch, and show whatever can be rendered using QML. External applications can provide their own watchlets, they can be made using QtCreator.
A watchlet could, for example, show the current album art from the media player and map the watch buttons to media player controls

There’s a limitation in the current firmware in the watch that causes it to go back to the idle/time screen after around 4 minutes, but I guess that will eventually be fixed. - javispedro


Quite cool. Makes me even think of getting MetaWatch, it has been some time when i used wristwatch. Especially liking the looks of that analog Metawatch.


Unfortunately it seems like the analog version of MetaWatch isn’t fully compatible with the code as of yet compared t the digital one, so you wont be getting anything shown on the small LDC screens. Though the watch will still vibrate on the coming calls, messages etc.

As a fun tidbit MetaWatch just started some months ago and include old Nokia executive, Juha Pinoma who previously was president of Suunto that makes smart watches, but meant more for sport use.


From what I’ve been reading, if you were to use my current program (which assumes the digital watch), you’d get nothing on the OLED screens but it would already vibrate on incoming calls, messages, emails and calendar appointments!

(Yeah, notifications are already mostly working on my watch, as well as a very simple app that shows the N950′s battery status. Plan to do the media player controlling one next.)
I don’t yet know enough about the analogue one (the docs talk about the digital one so far…) to know if it makes sense to expose the OLED screens the same way I currently do for the digital model’ LCD screen (just a Nx2N framebuffer); if that’s the case, then yes, it’ll work, and QtQuick-based watchlets will just need to provide another root QML file. - javispedro


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