MyMoves 0.1.0: all in one Package

Oct 2, 2011


Hi. Decided to wrap up all the needed things into a single .deb
(perhaps preparing for a Store submission..?: ).

Changes in the latest version:

    • Fixed pinch recognition. Two-finger gestures shouldn’t interfere
      with two-finger phone usage anymore, e.g. zooming a web page and
      panning after that with two fingers is now possible
    • UI tweaks: A cancel button to app selection list
    • Observing isn’t stopped anymore if the UI is closed in MyMoves view
    • New icon (wheeee)


  • 1 Add the mymoves repository to your phone:
  • Create a file called /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mymoves.list
  • Into that file, enter this line (without the quotes): “deb binary/
  • 2. Make sure you’ve got a working internet connection on your phone
  • 3. apt-get update
  • 4. apt-get install mymoves

If you’ve already got MyMoves 0.0.2 installed, just run
apt-get update && apt-get install mymoves
(yes, that’s apt-get install), and it will update the package.


Source expr3ss yourself



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