Nokia N9 Developer Blog has "Liftoff"

Faith Obafemi
Oct 13, 2011

The Nokia N9 Developer Blog has now "LiftedOff". The Purpose of the Blog is to provide information directly to the developer community.

This blog offers information straight from the source and bridges the gap between the MeeGo Developer Offering team and the developer community itself.

This is a multi-author blog by the team that is involved with the daily work of creating and improving the developer
offering for the Nokia N9 device.

The most important task of the blog is to announce updates to tools, documentation and device images.
But this blog will be more than just a glorified news ticker. In future posts we plan to highlight individual development tools, device features (and the corresponding programming interfaces), best practices and such. We may also invite guest authors to cover topics that particularly interest them and you.

This blog is mainly geared for application developers, but platform developers may also find things of interest. The blog mostly deals with the Qt SDK, but occasional articles on alternative development environments and tools will also be published.

The N9 Developer Blog can be found at the following link:

Source Nokia Developer


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