Nanoparticles for Harmattan

Oct 18, 2011


The long story
Nanoparticles is a physics based game I have been working on and entered the MeeGo Coding Competition with, where you control a positive charge in its quest to avoid the purple ones. The purple charges will destroy the green one upon touch, so you’ll have to keep them away from each other.

Behind the scenes are the laws of physics at work. Coloumb’s law and Newtonian physics predicts the movement of each particle. Of course with some modifications for the sake of entertainment.
You can push around the green charge using the red charges to repel it and the blue charges attract it.
Download it here (Price approx. 1 €)
Open source
Nanoparticles is completely open source, with all components released under the GNU GPLv3. The source code can be browsed and downloaded here.

Nanoparticles is built using Qt in C++, with some parts made in QML. To build the source code on any platform, it should be enough to run “qmake” and “make” – or just install Qt Creator and open the project file from there.




Why does it cost money when it's open source?
Because I wanted to give the commercial way of making open source applications and games a try. I see no reason why something cannot be libre, open source software and have a price tag at the same time. If you don't like this idea, you could still download the source and build that for free. In a way I'm just charging you for the ease of downloading the game from Nokia Store.

Official website:


Source MeeGo


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