Nokia N950 Flasher for 39-5 is now Available !!!!

Oct 25, 2011


For the many that have had issues with the Over the Air (OTA) download for firmware image 39-5 bricking their devices the saviour is here:

Nokia N950 OneClickFlasher for Firmware Version 3

This "Should" enable users that have got a N950 on life support to bring it back to life. I would love to hear how everyone gets on.

The N950 firmware version 39-5, previously released as an over-the-air update, is now also available as a flashable image.

The provided OneClickFlasher can be used to return the device to a known functional state after some bit-too-careless late-night hacking, or if a previous over-the-air update has failed for some reason.

To download the image and read the installation instructions, go to the following page:

Nokia N950 OneClickFlasher for Firmware Version 39-5

Refer to the release notes to find out further details about the new firmware version.


Source N9 Developer


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