Podcatcher and QuickFlickr Full Version Available Soon for Free

Oct 16, 2011


Podcatcher for N9

Podcatcher for N9 is a new podcast management application for the Nokia N9 smartphone. It has been designed to be easy to use, have good performance and provide with the best usability what comes to podcast subscriptions – always have the feeds up to date and the latest episode at hands to listening.

Podcatcher for N9′s main features include:

  • Native Nokia N9 look and feel
  • In-device download management.
  • integration for easy podcast subscription
  • Automatic download of new podcasts
    • Only if you are connected to the WiFi
  • Settings for configuring auto-download and auto-clean of podcast episodes.
  • Automatic refresh of feeds upon startup.
  • Good performance








QuickFlickr is Qt Quick based Flickr client for Nokia N9 with great user experience.QuickFlickr is a Qt Ambassador project and the showcase web page is available here.


Availability & Pricing

QuickFlickr for N9 and QuickFlickr LITE  are available at OVI Store now! Price for the commercial version is 1€. The Lite version will be free, but with limited set of features.


  • Recent uploads from your contacts
  • Recent activity (favorites, comments, views) of your photos
  • Photostreams of your own photos and your contacts  photos
  • Detailed fullscreen view of your photos
  • Commenting photos
  • Adding and removing favorites
  • Favorites view
  • Contact lists
  • Support for videos
  • Multitouch pinch zoom for fullscreen images
  • Portrait mode for standard use
  • Landscape i.e. viewer mode
  • More features will be added soon!

The Development Model

The development model of QuickFlickr is open. So if you are a developer you can get the source code from gitorious and build your own version of QuickFlickr, if you want. You can also contribute to the project by providing a merge request.


<h£>The Release Schedule

The release schedule is that we release as often as we feel that there is something to release.

More Info

For more info, contact us via Contact page or follow our blog.

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