New release of the Nokia N950 software is coming soon... prepare!

Oct 14, 2011

There is excitement in the Air. The N9 Developer blog has announced that a software update for the Nokia N950 is in final stages before release !!!!

I love FLASHING !!!!! 😉

Heres the info:

The N9 team is in the final stages of preparing an update to the Nokia N950 image, which will align the software more with the Nokia N9 product image.

To enable a smooth upgrade to the new image N950 users should ensure that they have the latest release of the firmware on their devices (34-2 or Beta2) - SSU will fail with Beta1.  So, if you have not done it already, update to Beta2 now using theOneClickFlashers.

For more information about upgrading from Beta1 to Beta2 please also check out this webpage.

I'm hoping its not too far off .....
Source N9 Developer Blog

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