Review - Tablet Car Mount

Oct 17, 2011

Now this may sound like a simple thing. Grab your tablet, smack in on the dash with a mount and off you go ? Right ? WRONG.

The world of Tablet Car Mounts and even to a certain extent Phone Car Mounts is full of crap substandard cheap imports and I for one have destroyed broken quite a few.

It was a breath of fresh air to see that this unit it is made from strong plastic with metal rods as part of the two hinges that are part of the construction. Foam pads are located on the back panel and also the top and bottom "feet" therefore any tablets are not going to get damaged from any abrasion.

The Tablet is put into Mount by sliding the top section up and then back down to lock it in place which it does very well. This unit was tested with a Samsung Galaxy Tab which it did hold very well and is capable of holding an iPad 2 but personally I would not try putting any much heavier on it.


Thanks to Mobile Fun who provided the unit and can be found in their iPad 2 accessories section.

Additional pictures:


Solid and well made Tablet Car Mount that Should stand the test of time.


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