Rumour-Ville: Another MeeGo Device from Nokia Hints Finnish Tech Site

Oct 25, 2011


Finnish Tech site reports that it has been hearing some unsubstantiated rumours that they have been hearing about ANOTHER MeeGo Device up Nokia's Sleeve. Here is the quote, take it with a pinch of salt or perhaps not:

In other hand, i have heard from two people very near Nokia who are working for an operator and wholesale that Nokia N9′s successor, in other words MeeGo device, could still be in Nokia’s roadmap. I do not know where the idea was born, so I take it with caution. Nokia has so far publicly said that the Nokia N9 is the only MeeGo device. Perhaps MeeGo is still kept as option in the event that Windows Phones fail badly?

Considering the amount of people that Nokia have let go in their MeeGo R&D and other departments I would be surprised if this was the case, but following the rave reviews that the Nokia N9 has globally received lately, this would be a good move for Nokia.


Source via Nokia Gadgets


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