Tizen announced at the Intel AppUp Elements in Seattle

Oct 1, 2011

The Intel AppUp Elements 2011 was held in Seattle, Washington between September 28 and 29. The meet brought together some of the most creative minds in the tech industry to share and explore what's new in app development innovation. However, the big news that come out from the meet is Linux and LiMo Foundation's combined platform called Tizen.

With the way Meego is heading, there was this feeling for some time now that a new platform might just be around the corner. Meego is missing some key components that need to be built from the scratch. Thus, this announcement of the new platform, Tizen, didn't surprise many. With the power of HTML5 and WAC 2.0 frameworks, Tizen will compliment and integrate with the many other app delivery systems and hardware. The platform will have the full support of Intel and Samsung.

Tizen will definitely be the platform to create great content for the next generation devices. With Tizen, consumers will have one more choice in front of them, creating competition between the developers, ultimately benefiting the users. As technology creators, both software and hardware developers, the goal is always to make quality devices. Devices that stand the test of use and apps that dazzle, entertain and help customer do their work better.



Until recently, Apple tablets has been the only one offering value to the customers. No other platforms have created better tablets so far. For instance, the Android tablets released last Christmas were almost universally awful. Consumers couldn't even run apps beyond a limited offering of a few pre-installed ones. While the poor-quality-low-cost model will surely persist, time has come for other platforms to look beyond that. And we hope Tizen leads the way.

Whether it is Tizen, iOS, Android or others, it all comes back to creating a healthy application ecosystem. As consumers we want to be free to use the devices that match our needs best. Those devices should be good working, offering value for our hard-earned money. We want services that offer good content, regardless of who delivers it.

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