You want Tizen ? I give you .... TizenExperts !!!!

Oct 6, 2011

As you all know, at Intel Elements 2011 birth of the Tizen Project was announced. A new Linux OS that is based on MeeGo and would yet again be hosted by the Linux Foundation (same as MeeGo). Tizen is being seen as a progression for MeeGo. Not necessarily a natural progression, but more of a unnatural progression due to market forces.

We also see that the Mer-Project has found renewed sense of purpose were it can possibly establish itself as an MeeGo 2.0 contender.

Now we have Tizen. Is Tizen the big saviour, Can it overcome all ? Can it give Andoroid and iOS a good spanking ? I don't know. Its far too early with just too many unknowns.

So now I present you with TizenExperts (, this will be the place for Tizen related news and I welcome you to visit the site and to contribute. I think whilst the MeeGo community is figuring out whats going on it would be unfair to bombard them with news of an OS that they might not want any part of, but then again this is one potential future of MeeGo so we do need to keep an eye on it.

I hope I can keep my MeeGo friends and possibly get some Tizen friends as well ......


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