New Tools for Porting From Android to Qt

Oct 13, 2011


Are you interested in transferring your existing Android application to the latest version of the Qt platform for use on Symbian phones and the Nokia N9? Porting will be a breeze with the Qt API mapping tool that has recently been extended to include Android to Qt API mappings. You can easily find QML and Qt C++ counterparts to Android classes and methods you have used in your current application. This new tool also provides direct links to Qt classes, methods, elements, and properties for further implementation details. Learn about porting your Android apps to Qt.

In addition to the API mapping tool, make sure you visit our Porting Library for more useful comparisons and tips about porting from Android to Qt.

And, as a reminder, details about porting your iOS apps to Qt were published to Nokia Developer in September. And, Windows Phone mappings are expected later this month – we’ll let you know as soon as they become available.

Source Nokia Developer


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