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Oct 19, 2011



Toshl-Available-Nokia-Store-MeeGoExperts Toshl-Available-Nokia-Store-MeeGoExperts-1 Toshl-Available-Nokia-Store-MeeGoExperts-1

Toshl is a personal financial tracker that helps you follow and change your spending habits. It's quick and extremely easy to use:

  • Easy add expenses with custom tags
  • Select the time span of expenses to display
  • Sync for free with
  • Export expenses to CSV, Excel, PDF, Google Docs (via web)
  • use budgets for detailed financial planning
  • lock your app with a pin code
  • use multiple currencies (for traveling) with automatic exchange rate
  • edit and view expenses on-line

So, humanity, you're welcome. 😉 This heavenly duo of Toshl and Nokia N9 is so powerful, exclusive and unique that we have decided to limit its use to no more than 92 000 Nokia N9 devices. After a deep and thoughtful consultation with Stephen Elop we feel that is the only way we can prevent the breaking of space/time continuum. So happy users of the one and only MeeGo Nokia to reach the safe harbours of people's pockets: download away. If you don't download Toshl right now, we cant guarantee the safety of the space/time continuum later on.



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