WIP-Harmattan Transitions

Oct 1, 2011

This Atricle Is From Maemo.Org

I'm working on a Harmattan (N9) Style Transitions.ini file for N900 Maemo5, below are the screenshots of what has been changed (similar to N9), and I have also attached the transitions file.
I hope you (N9 lovers) like this very much...

Feel free to suggest any changes and please dont ask me to code anything, as I dont know that (qt, qml etc...)

Here we go!!!


Download Transitions file here:
Harmattan Transitions.zip

copy and replace the file (transitions.ini) to usr/share/hildon-desktop/
P.s. create neccessary backup of your transitions.ini file if you want.

EDIT: Harmattan Transitions Version 1 is completed and ready to be used by everyone.. |See Above Link|

1. Harmattan Style Launcher (Black launcher app menu background)
2. Harmattan Style Animated icons (No sequence version is also available in the zip file)
3. Smooth and swift drop down menus.
4. Sink in and sink out rotation. [fixed lagness]
5. Smooth and fast slide in animations like in phone app dialer button.
6. Home screen fade to black launcher app menu/ task navigation (new)
7. Fast app open cheat and app close cheat.
8. Compatible with CSSU 16.8

Note: looks good and perfect with Harmattan Icon Pack.


Source Maemo.Org

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