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Nov 4, 2011



The purpose of Open Video Player:

Some users have expressed dismay at the lack of features in the stock video player. The purpose of Open Video Player is to provide the features that are lacking in the stock video player, whilst maintaining a similar look and feel. The fact that it is FOSS will of course make further improvements easier.



What additional features does it have?

Features that are currently implemented are:

1. Playback in background (optional): Continued playing of videos whilst browsing your collection or viewing the details of a video etc.

2. Playback whilst minimised (optional): Continued playing of videos whilst the application is minimised.

3. Support for auto-rotation, fixed landscape and fixed portrait modes.

4. You can add videos to the playback queue as well as play a single video.

5. Additional controls in the playback toolbar.

6. An option to use smaller thumbnails.

7. Sorting of videos by date (asc or desc) or title (asc or desc).

8. Theming options.


Other feature requests are welcome. That's the purpose of OVP.

Installing OVP will not change any settings regarding the stock video player. I have not changed any MIME-type associations. It works alongside the stock video player just as any other application.

Both the .deb package and the source code are available from




Source Maemo.Org

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