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Nov 22, 2011


Calendar Feed pushes your calendar entries directly onto the event feed of your home screen.

I have been working on this due to user requests in the maemo forum. In the meantime another solution popped up which still has some issues (mainly due to the choice of programming language some libraries are currently not available) compared to Calendar Feed and therefore I decided to publish it anyways.

Current Features

  • Per calendar settings for:
    • Inclusion in event feed
    • Maximum look ahead range (events starting beyond that range will not be shown)
    • Maximum number of entries (e.g. only show 1-2 entries at a time)
  • Recurring event support
  • Auto-update when entries in the calendar change
  • Directly jump to the event when clicked on the homescreen
  • Sort order of events (I am abusing a shortcoming in the current homescreen version for this - this may stop working at any time)
  • Control panel integration: Configure Calendar Feed via Settings -> Notifications -> Event Feeds


You can download the current version of Calendar Feed at

It will be published to the Nokia Store as soon as testing has finished.


  1. How do I configure Calendar Feed?
    Calendar Feed can be configured via the Settings menu: Notifications -> Feed on home screen -> Calendar Feed
  2. The "Calendar Feed" entry is not shown in the control panel
    Make sure that you have restarted the Settings application (e.g. that it is not visible in the multitasking view before starting it).


Calendar Feed is licensed under the GPL 3 and development happens in public in the Git repository hosted at

If you are missing a feature or want to support development let me know.


Source MeeGo

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