Application - Kala, a Tabbed music player

Nov 8, 2011

I've wanted a different interface for managing music for a while, so here's the result!

Announce- Kala-Tabbed-music-player-5

You can install it from Ovi or get the source:
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  • Swipe through three basic tabs (Queue, All, Artists) + playlists
  • Play control buttons are ALWAYS visible
  • When you click on the left side of the screen, you make a selection
  • When a selection is active, you have more buttons available, such as "Queue" and "New"
  • You can repeat one track (or more) by first selecting it and then playing it
  • Button size is customizable
  • UI color is customizable
  • Clicking outside dialog boxes dismisses them, just like on Maemo


Changelog from 0.9.0 to 0.9.1:

  • Added support for headset control
  • Added support for landscape mode
  • Added informational messages and tips
  • Scrollbar misbehaved when lists were shorter than the screen
  • Add to New didn't work in the Queue tab
  • Entries were sometimes activated while scrolling through tabs
  • Playlist names weren't always trimmed correctly
  • The second toolbar had ugly repositioning behavior


Source Maemo.Org

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