Application - LED Event Notifier for Nokia N950

Nov 17, 2011

One annoying thing about the N950 is that it has a LED, and there's already mce to handle the LED and its patterns, but it's not used for notifications.

led-event-notifier fires up the LED when a notification is received and turns it off when the screen is unlocked (and the lock screen is swiped away).

This'll be changed in future versions to reflect the availability of notifications (you might clear notifications and the LED will still stay on).

This is more of a hack in its current forms and requires you to disable Aegis (unseal.ko), you may also need to do aegis-developer-mode --relaxed-exec. You will also need to use on /usr/bin/led-event-notifier and then run the binary manually with nohup and &




Why all this? Cause mce::LEDControl in the aegis manifest is denied at installation for some reason, feel free to file a bug(?) about that


Source Maemo.Org

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