Application - MesInput - Personal keyboards for Nokia N9

Nov 23, 2011

Show your personal smilies, custom text and buttons in your keyboard and boost your writing. MesInput provides fully personalized keyboards and more.

Design your keyboard or select from the existing designs - use the MesInput client in your Nokia N9 to install the keyboards. After installation, flick sidewise the keyboard to change to the newly downloaded design.

Here's how:

1 Install the MesInput application from the Ovi Store (search: MesInput), start the application

2 Press "Popular keyboards" button and select the keyboard you want to use

3 After succesful keyboard installation, the application status is "Keyboard ready to use"

4 Open "Notes" application or any other application with text entry. When the keyboard appears, do a sidewise flick with your finger

After this the newly installed keyboard appears

Tip: Go back to your earlier keyboard with another sidewise flick with your finger.


Steps in N9:

After installation, press the "Popular keyboards" button

Select "Install keyboard" button for the keyboard you want to use (here "ASCII faces")

Open "Notes" application - When the keyboard appears, do a sidewise flick with your finger. The new keyboard appears


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