DateEvent - Shows your Calendar Entries on EventScreen

Nov 17, 2011

Some guys in our german forum at came up with the idea to show their events on the EventScreen of the N9/N950. So AlphaX2 and I made a little application for it.

First many thanks to thp, who wrote the code to create entries on the EventScreen!!!
He will be mentioned in the final version!

For me it's still a beta, so if you find a bug feel free to post it.

Known Bugs for now:

Reccurring events are not displayed yet (reason: for the first version, we used a simple sql-query to fetch the events from the db, next version working with qtmobilty-organizer instead, looks promissing)
If your systemlanguage is not EN, you will get the german UI

I think the UI is selfexplaining, if you have questions, corrections or suggestions for further improvement, let us know.


Source MeeGo

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