Fake resellers hit Raspberry Pi

Nov 9, 2011

Seems like theres a Con around every corner and it looks like Raspberry Pi have become a target. Here is a post from them regarding fake resellers:

It’s just been drawn to our attention that there’s a Russian site ( purporting to be an official reseller, which is already offering preorders. We’re sending a takedown notice (although I’m not sure how much traction that will get).

If you see a site offering preorders or claiming to be an official reseller at the moment, it’s a fake. Please don’t send them your money. Initially, this site will be the only place you can buy a Raspberry Pi, and we are not offering preorders.

If any Russian readers would like to spread the word on social networking sites, we’d be very grateful! We’d hate to see people lose their money to a scammer.


Source Raspberry Pi

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