gPodder 3.0.1 "One Illegal Angel" released

Nov 17, 2011


gPodder 3.0.1 "One Illegal Angel" released


The first bugfix release of the 3.x series is here - gPodder 3.0.1 fixes some bugs that appeared after the 3.0.0 release, and improves compatibility:

  • Updated credits.txt from Git history
  • Various improvements to the Windows Launcher
  • Support "Just for me" Python installations on Windows (bug 1480)
  • Fix UnicodeDecodeError on startup (bug 1485)
  • Woodchuck: Fix spelling mistakes (bug 1473)
  • Woodchuck: Make soft errors quieter (bug 1476)
  • OS X: Add global flag for platform detection (bug 1482)
  • OS X: Use "open" to open files on Mac OS X (bug 1482)
  • Media RSS: Get filesize and duration (bug 1446)
  • Detect existing URLs on feed redirection (bug 1457)
  • Gtk UI: Cosmetic fix for progress dialog labels
  • Other small fixes

For a complete list of changes, see

Download: gpodder-3.0.1.tar.gz
md5sum: aac6090047902c4be98d5f3a2afce14d
sha1sum: e7979023c16ff11435c96250fb450621fe6c7e33

For packages in distributions, see the downloads page.


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