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Nov 19, 2011


The KDE Mobile project is rapidly evolving as you may realize it. The QML technology is getting very popular, more and more mature for creating Ui for mobile devices very easily. Plasma Active keeps rocking, too! 😉 3 years ago at the Desktop Summit, Nokia gave away N810 gadgets to KDE developers, and they could start experimenting with KDE on that device afterwards. N810 is not the bleeding edge device anymore, but we now have N9* handsets.

The primary goal of the sprint is to get KDE Applications ported to Harmattan using the plasma qt components from kde-runtime master, declaratives or plain QML for the time being where it lacks, but at least reach a good progess on those. Note, Calligra, Gluon, KAlgebra and maybe something else are already running on the device to a certain extent, so it is not impossible. 🙂

What we need to achieve for this in advance is to get proper kdelibs (4.7) and kde-runtime (master) packages built on the Community OBS. The situation is not that desperate. I will also probably be able to manage it before the sprint.  If it does not happen we can do it there, too. The testing and usage of the those libraries could probably provide a good feedback to the plasma declarative library developers, too.

The primary goal is not to replace the Harmattan workspace with Plasma Active since that might require a bit more time, and it needs also some research and definite answer from someone skilled whether or not it is actually possible because of the security framework restrictions and platform policies.

The Harmattan UX is not that bad, so the purpose is to get some KDE Applications running, or at least to begin the work on that and reach some progress.

We need helping hands from various areas, like:
1) Debian/Ubuntu packagers.
2) Ui Designer, Artists
3) People knowning the relevant plasma declarative libraries
4) People with good understanding of the Harmattan platform.
5) KDE Application developers
6) Anybody who can tweak a bit to make it a success.

Unfortunately, the date choice was not that flexible. Calligra sprint the previous week, Akademy-fr next week, a bit harder to gather people in December and the next year is a bit too late for planning anything in the mobile market. 😉

Unfortunately, providing you a relevant gadget is probably not possible, but if you would really like to attend and help with the KDE Mobile project, we can give it a try: worth asking since it does not hurt, but no guarantee either.

Just a short reminder about some KDE Applications available on a previous maemo version:

Calligra, KDE Edu, KDE Games, PIM, Utilities and so forth would be nice to get working. 🙂 We all know that Harmattan is not the highest priority for Nokia nowadays, but still one of the potential platforms out there where we can prove that KDE Mobile rocks on handsets. 🙂 The Plasma Active guys are already doing excellent things on various mobile devices and platforms.

The Sprint place would be hosted by the same University Faculty like in case the Open Collaboration Services Next Sprint this May.

Also, how about a party together on Saturday evening with the other KDE sprint participants (KDE e.V. 2011 (Berlin)) somewhere, like C-Base or ... ? 😉


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