Leveraging HTML 5.0

Nov 24, 2011




  1. Leveraging HTML 5.0 and Social Media for Mobile Search Engine Optimisation Super-hot HTML 5.0 tag elements to increase your buisness’es social mindshare
  2. HTML 5.0 is Hypo-Text MySpace Language Designed for iPhone and iPad Can also use on aNdroid and blackBerry
  3. HTML 5.0 is made of 2 things • Tags • APIs (pronounced like “Happy”s)
  4. HTML 5.0 Tags Most Tags tell the Internet what your content looks like: <nav> makes navy blue font
  5. GeoLocation Tagtells Google where something is • Geolocation
  6. APIs• audio and video advertisement APIs – even on iPad/ iPhone!
  7. “SVG” API:• SVG is “SocialValue-Add Games” – a gaming programming language that addsvalue to your social spaces
  8. Who uses HTML 5.0? The most success full sights on the Internet: • Gowalla • Facebook • Google • BBC •
  9. Questions? Bruce LawsonSocial Mashup Branding Imagineer


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