libmygpo-qt 1.0.5 Released

Nov 11, 2011

Amarok 2.5 is nearby, getting more features every few
weeks, so it is time for a new Version of libmygpo-qt including some bugfixes & new features.

I'm also looking for contributors, so if you wanna work on a interesting library used atm by Amarok & Nokia Podcasts, drop me a line.

Changes in libmygpo-qt 1.0.5:
-) fixed a bug in downloadSubscriptionsJson()
-) changed the way http basic auth information is transmitted to to no longer getting annoying popups when using
libmygpo-qt with KIO from KDE 4.7.X
-) implemented functions to access the new API for retrieving synchronization information of devices
-) implemented functions to retrieve toplist and search results in gpodders custom XML format
-) added "ConfigStyle" package finding to CMake Buildsystem

Where to get libmygpo-qt?
md5sum: 37af04b1e944f982e35b69c04b5d1b0f
sha1sum: a38d0ac08cc4601634b3cda3851226aabcff9638

Some more important Links for libmygpo-qt:
Project Website:
Git Repo:
Doxygen Documentation: API:
Contact: [email protected]

General Infos about libmygpo-qt

What is libmygpo-qt?

libmygpo-qt is a Qt/C++ Library wrapping the Webservice. It was created as part of a University Course & it is used in Amarok (since 2.4.1) with the new
Service, that makes the Podcast Directory available from within Amarok.

The next Version of Amarok (2.5) requires libmygpo-qt 1.0.5 for the gPodder PodcastProvider, with which you can synchronize your local Podcasts between Amarok and (and other podcatchers with integration).


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