A MeeGo Forum Viewer for Harmattan

Nov 30, 2011

forum-fmc is a work-in-progress N9/N950 QML UI for the MeeGo forum, similar to its counterpart. I'd be happy to get your feedback about it:

You can download the latest version via Apps For MeeGo.
The source code is on

For now it can:

  • show the main forum list,
  • show the forums' thread lists,
  • show each threads' post list,
  • use the quick search to search for threads, and
  • show the "New Posts" or "Today's Posts" thread lists
  • add and remove thanks

It can also post new threads in a forum, or new replies to a thread, but this functionality is still quite buggy (for example it unsubscribes you from subscribed threads when posting to them).

I've used the signon password plugin to store the login credentials for now, so there is no validation in the accounts UI yet. I guess a proper signon/accounts provider plugin for the MeeGo User account would be a nice thing to have for all applications interacting with that account.


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