New Nemo Mobile Release 0.20111120.1.CE.2011-11-24.1

Nov 28, 2011

And so the forces of good forge forward with Nemo, a Linux based mobile optimised Operating System (OS) based on the Mer OS. There are currently versions available for the Nokia N950 and N900 with work being progressed on the unreleased N9 version. Now version 2011-11-24.1 has been released according to the mailing list below:

I'm glad to announce the next Nemo Mobile release

This release contains fixes in many areas, but there is still lot of
work needed. In case you find bugs please file them to our bugzilla at Also if you see bug that is already fixed,
it would help us a lot if that would be commented in the bug.

Major changes:
  • VKB should work much better (QML and MTF).
  • Thee should be less memory usage on Qt Apps which are on background.
  • New QML based IRC client is now included.
  • Operator should be now showing on the systemui.
  • new splash screen
URL to release. NOTE: The URL might not work yet as the sync isn't done yet however it should be available in next hour or so. It is recommended to flash a new release instead of updating the old one. However if you want to to updating the old release feel free to ask questions at #nemomobile @ Freenode. Regards, Marko


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