[MeeGo-IVI] MeeGo IVI 1.2.0 Update 4 is Ready.

Nov 19, 2011

I'm pleased to let you know that the sustaining update called MeeGo IVI 1.2.0 Update 4 is ready for download and use at:

This sustaining update of MeeGo IVI 1.2.0 includes:

* A patch to the installer-shell to fix the boot failure bug after installation
* A patch to the installer to fix the install crashed issue
* Patches to the kernel-adaptation-intel-automotive package
* Backport 'mac_addr_str' parameter support and enable ATH9K_HTC driver for ASD customer in kernel-adaptation-connext
* New addition of kernel-adaptation-connext2, with support for the STA2x11 IOH "Cut2" version
* XFCE to replace meego-ux-* components
* Update image-configuration package
The instructions for installing the updated packages are found on the URL above.



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