Time again for another meet up. Its been a while since we sat down and discussed the world of Tech. So come along and have a natter about MeeGo, Tizen, Mer, Nemo and anything else tech related that takes your fancy. Chill in a relaxed environment and if you have anything that you want to show off then drag it along πŸ™‚ (tech!!!)



This is also an excellent oppertunity for you to see the Nokia N950 and Nokia N9 in the flesh πŸ™‚ .Β The Chat on MeeGo might be limited as the Linux Foundation have announced that MeeGo will be dropped and the new OS of choice will be Tizen.

I look forward to seeing you πŸ™‚


Saturday 3rd December


18:30 onwards


The Old Joint Stock Pub and Theatre,
4 Temple Row West,
Birmingham, B2 5NY

If you need any further information then please give me a shout on Twitter @MeeGoExperts