N9 Applications on N900 With Nemo

Nov 22, 2011

There were some speculations about compatibility of Nemo and Harmattan that runs on N9. We have decided to put that to quick test.

Here you can see me running N9 applications on the N900 with Nemo. About half of the applications we have tried worked (RipOff, LightsOut, ScreenCapture, MeeToDo, Stopwatch, TranslateMee) while the other half did not work (SportsTracker, MeeSpot, Filebox, IP Radio, Bord).

Being a simple demo, all we did was to copy over the binaries, desktop files and icons from N9 to N900 and run.

With extra effort put into compatibility layer the number of applications that we could run can be significant (say 95%?)



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